The Shannara Chronicles Episode 3 ‘Fury’ Recap and Discussion


Episode 3 of Season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles, titled ‘Fury,’ starts off right where the 2-hour season premiere left off, with Wil and Amberle facing off a Fury on the beach just after Pyria has been torn to bits. Wil tries to protect Amberle, but it’s ultimately Allanon that defeats the demon, slicing off an arm and eventually its head with his druid sword. After finding out that Aunt Pyria is gone and that Lorin and the rest of the Chosen have all been slain, Amberle rushes off.

Wil goes after her, but while they’re talking, Allanon comes up behind them and collapses to the ground, revealing a wound caused by the Fury. Wil and Amberle take Allanon to a druid cave nearby to heal, and Allanon instructs will to take Amberle to Arborlon. Distraught when Allanon falls unconscious, Wil tells Amberle they’re going to the Silver River (I’d had hopes for the King of the Silver River here, but alas…) to get something to heal Allanon.

On the way there, Wil tells Amberle he’s a descendant of the Shannara family, which causes Amberle’s eyes to go wide as she tells him that every elf knows the story about Jerle Shannara. When they reach the river, Wil strips and dives in, and when he resurfaces, Amberle is gone. He shouts for her, and Eretria brings her out with a knife to her throat. They’re collared and taken back to the Rover camp, but on the way, Amberle taunts Eretria, who knocks her out with a blow to the head. Once they reach the camp, Wil and Amberle are separated, and Wil meets Eretria’s father, Cephelo, who has shown himself to be a ruthless Rover who has little love for anyone, including his own daughter. He offers Wil a chance to join them and tells him to think it over until the feast.

Later that night, Eretria goes to Cephelo to voice her problem with killing Amberle to get Wil to unlock the Elfstones, and Cephelo threatens her further, insisting that if she doesn’t do it, he’ll kill her instead. Back at the druid cave, Allanon is healed from his wounds.

Eretria goes to prepare Amberle for their fight, but cuts her bonds and suggests she punch her in the face and run away, telling Amberle that when they settle their score, it will be on her own terms, not Cephelo’s. Amberle, who refuses to leave without Wil, says she has a better idea. Wil is talking with Cephelo at the feast and tells him that he can’t take him up on his offer. Amberle and Eretria emerge, and Amberle has a knife to Eretria’s throat. She tells Cephelo to let her and Wil go or she’ll kill Eretria, a threat that causes Cephelo and the rest of the Rovers to laugh in her face. Eretria knocks Amberle down and has the knife to her throat when Wil runs over, begging for mercy and saying he’ll do whatever they want. Cephelo tosses the Elfstones into his hands and tells him to unlock them for him, saying that he actually believes in the legends about Wil’s father, Shea.

As they’re in this standoff, a second Fury flies into camp. Amberle pushes Eretria out of the Fury’s way, saving her life, and Wil watches in horror as the Fury comes around and makes to attack both women. He runs over to them with the Elfstones in hand and raises them in his fist, calling forth the blue power from within the stones and disintegrating the Fury in mid-air. He collapses to the ground soon after.

Eretria and Amberle carry Wil to a tent, and they begin to fight once more. Cephelo enters the tent, and after disarming Amberle, begins to choke her until he’s eventually thrown to the back of the tent by a force of magic. Allanon appears, fully healed and upset that they aren’t in Arborlon. The next day, they’ve left the Rovers, but Wil is still unconscious, so Allanon wakes him with a concoction of smoke and they set off for Arborlon.

On the way to the Elven capitol, they come across a sheep farm with slaughtered animals, then find two farmers gutted and hanging from a wooden post. Wil is looking in the barn when he hears a noise, and Amberle breaks into a locked cellar to find a young elf chained up. He tells them his name is Bandon, and his parents had tied him up and locked him in. He heard them screaming when the demons came, but couldn’t help them. Amberle insists he come with them to Arborlon, despite Allanon’s protests that he possesses magic of some kind and is therefore not safe.

Back at the Rover camp, Eretria is packing up her things when Cephelo finds her and threatens her again unless she brings back the Elfstones.

The three reach Arborlon, and after a happy reunion with her Uncle Ander, he tells her that the Elven Council has convened to discuss her abandoning her post as one of the Chosen. Amberle finds herself saying goodbye to Wil, who says all he was going to do was get her safely to Arborlon. Amberle continues on to the Elven Council to plead her case alone. On his way out of the palace, Wil is stopped by Bandon, who tells him that Amberle will die if Wil doesn’t stay with her on her quest to Safehold.

Arion tells the council that he doesn’t believe in demons or magic, and that they cannot possibly send Amberle on the quest. Wil enters and speaks on Amberle’s behalf, but is ridiculed by Arion. Allanon reveals that Wil is royalty, being the last son of Jerle Shannara. The council accepts Amberle’s quest, but it is revealed that first Amberle must pass a test by the Ellcrys to determine if she is worthy to bear her seed to the Bloodfire. At the Sanctuary, King Eventine reveals that should Amberle not pass the test, she will die.

The episode ends with Amberle touching the tree, which opens a door at the base of the tree’s massive trunk. Amberle walks inside, ready to face the Ellcrys.

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Line of the night for me was definitely, “Do you know your ears turn red when you lie?”

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