Entertainment Weekly Talks ‘Shannara Chronicles’ With Author Terry Brooks


Author Terry Brooks spoke with Entertainment Weekly ahead of San Diego Comic Con, talking about how the adaptation finally came to fruition and responded to what is likely a common comparison to Game of Thrones.

“That’s not what the Shannara books are. They’re a family-oriented fantasy and always have been,” said Brooks. “That’s been one of the strong selling points. Anyone from 10 years of age up that has the reading skills can read these books. We’ve always talked about it as a family drama that anyone can watch.”

Brooks and his wife visited the set earlier this year in February and said he was surprised at the size of the production. “When I saw how massive the project was, I thought, “Well, MTV is serious about this.””

He also mentioned that many fans responded to the news of the show being produced by MTV with questions about his sanity, but Brooks said their support was what convinced him. “I appreciated the strong pitch that MTV made for this and how willing they were to get behind it and support it, and that’s really what I was looking for, more than anything else. A commitment to the project.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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